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Every establishment whether it’s a school, office or a residential tower has a fire safety plan. Fire is a deadly and hazardous which can lead to death, destruction or even worse. There are several things that can lead to a fire and some of them are found in the premise of a building. To name a few, here are few of the examples which may start a fire:

  • Every establishment has electricity connections which can be a major cause in starting a devastating fire. Electric shot circuits, overloading and various other complications can lead to fire.
  • Residential properties and some commercial bodies have gas connections and pipelines which is considered the most dangerous source of a fire hazard. Leaks, damage to the line may cause it and it could destroy the establishment completely.
  • Smoking in a non smoking area may also lead to fire. Smoking near easily flammable bodies could also start a fire such as smoking in bed.
  • Another common reason of a fire in cold countries is the heating system, a faulty thermostat can lead over heating of the system and anything overheats could result in to fire.

To avoid fire hazard, there should be an emergency escape, fire extinguisher service at every floor and around the most accessible areas on a property. Fire extinguishers have been known to make a difference during fire hazards. Fire extinguishers consists chemicals like sodium bicarbonate and Monoammonium phosphate which are compressed and stored in a cylinder at high pressure. These chemicals have the tendency to extinguish small fire which could be the difference between a death and a life. Many times, during a fire situation, several people get trapped in rooms because of rising flames which can be avoided if the extinguishers are placed strategically throughout the property.

Emergency escape and fire safety plans should be taken seriously and the plans should be posted at every visible area of the property. This can save a lot of lives and reduce the work of the fire department. It is important for every organization to have few drills on fire situations as most of the people do not understand what to do during the time of a fire.