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Though knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is important, but knowing how to buy the right one is just essential. This indispensable equipment not only puts out flames in their tracks but also reduces property damage and saves many lives. Though one should hope not to use a fire extinguisher ever in life, but having at least one at hand is vital as per safety measures.

The below listed three easy steps not only makes your buying fire extinguisher process easier, but also makes you well-informed about its right use.

1. Decide About Your Need And Its Classifications:

This wonderful equipment is available in various types that are specifically made to tackle different kinds of fires. Class “A” tackles ordinary fires, Class “B” tackles flammable liquids, Class “C” tackles electrical or appliance fires, Class “D” tackles metal fires and Class “K” tackles cooking oil fires. So figure out your need first and then choose the correct class for it. There are also some models available in the market that can be used for multiple fire types.

2. Consider Other Features Of The Equipment:

Many other features of fire extinguisher should also be taken in mind while buying it such as several methods of refilling and recharging, mounting hardware and the extent of instructions for use. Since local retailers generally have a confined selection of the products on the shelf, you had better browse through the online selection so as to better compare price, features and designs.

3. Buy It Online:

Shopping online for this indispensable safety equipment is not only easy and simple but also more likely to be the most affordable way to buy it. Online sellers usually offer a variety of brands, class ratings and sizes along with a good selection and a wide range of manufacturers. You also need to find fire extinguisher of various sizes that can allow you to equip each of the area of your residential and commercial buildings as well as your vehicle too. So, shop it online ad get it delivered to your doorstep along with the facility of free shipping. Sometimes, a few companies ask for shipping costs but that is generally reasonable and quite minimal.


Having at least one or a few numbers of fire extinguishers is essential for vehicle owners, business managers and of course home owners too. Don’t think twice; get it installed immediately if not yet so as to protect your hard earned property and valuable lives against potential fire disasters.