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In the society we live in, there are several things which may set off an uncontrollable fire. Whether it’s a conventional building or a residential house, safety measures in case of fire is of utmost important. In the contemporary world, everything runs on electricity which can lead to fire within seconds. There are several factors that can start a fire, some of which are:

  • Electricity: every establishment has electricity wires running through it. Any short circuit or spark can lead to a fire.
  • LPG: LPG is widely used for cooking, which can also start a fire hazard. Leakage is one of the common reasons of fire because of LPG.
  • Electronic appliances: appliances could malfunction and explode, especially the ones that are recharged with electricity. These can be a great cause of fire.

As England has wooden houses, the risk becomes double as wood can easily catch fire. Chatham and Kent offer fire extinguishers & emergency equipment which can be used for the sake of caution. We should always be prepared for any fire hazard before it happens. Fire extinguishers, smoke sensors and other equipment should always be there in reachable areas inside every building, house or establishment. It is also important to keep few things in mind during the situation of a fire:

  • If your fire alarm starts ringing, this means that you have very less time, try to escape the building immediately. Do not think of taking any valuables as the most valuable is your life.
  • Before opening any door, check if there is any smoke coming from under. If it is, then it’s better not to open that door as smoke is toxic and cause breathing issues and eventually death.
  • If you do not see any smoke, then touch the door with the back of your hand, if you feel that the door is hot then do not open it.
  • Sometimes in case of fire you may have to exit through windows.
  • Most important point is to not let the smoke get in your lungs as it can cause dizziness and fatal results. The best way is to lie down on the floor and crawl using your elbows because the hot air rises up while the cold comes down.

These points are essential to be kept in mind and can be the difference between life and death. Another important point is to have good quality fire equipment. So, it is always good to keep fire extinguishers at home or at office all the time.