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We at Aylesford Fire Protection Ltd. Provide fire marshall and fire safety training that are interactive and uninhibited. We are experienced in providing training for fire extinguishers, allow free thought and discuss various dimensions for fire safety.

Our objective is to train people to use fire extinguishers and encourage people to become more self-aware of fire safety. Our training module will provide a detailed solution for fire safety issues, arrangements, detection, and facilities. With our strategies, we have earned an enviable reputation as professional Health & Safety Trainers. Our professionals providing training possess experience in the field of fire safety and we have been providing the best training for fire safety for years now.

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The Sheer Importance of Fire Extinguisher Training

Do you have a fire extinguisher? If yes, do you know how to use it or properly trained in using a Fire Extinguisher? It is equally important for people to be properly trained for using an extinguisher other. We provide detailed training of using the extinguisher to put out a fire when required. The methods matter while using an extinguisher and we provide detailed training of different methodologies. There are different types of fire that can occur in a building and so, the methods are also different while using the device.

Why is fire extinguisher training so important?                         

There is a good chance that one might face at least one fire in their lifetime and so, it is important that a person is properly trained in using a fire extinguisher. The extinguishers have direction imprinted on them but sometimes it can be difficult to follow at the time of the fire, if someone doesn’t have the basic training. An extinguisher is ineffective and also can cause injuries if not used properly. Even if you don’t have any fire extinguisher it is advisable to get trained on using the fire device for tackling all types of fires. Also, get one extinguisher at your location for resolving small undue fires issues.

Who should attend the fire safety and extinguisher training?

Our fire safety training and courses will allow you to easily control fire in your premises or the location. Persons responsible for Fire Safety in the workplace should surely attend the training program, but it is designed for every common person who has an extinguisher at their home or office. 

We enable people to manage a fire or other similar emergencies using a fire extinguisher. The course or training module has been designed by us with the core aim to create a confident person who can take charge of the fire emergencies. On successful completion of the course, delegates will have a proper understanding of fire safety hazards with the workplace and what can be the remedies to rectify the hazards.

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